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Our team has been providing solutions similar to these for some time. We have been creating our enterprise solution called SpringBoard Data Solutions. It allows Large to Midsize companies to compete with giant retailers, like, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Amazon on a more equal terrain.

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Respected for our broad industry knowledge, outstanding customer service, and second to none solutions, PlacoVU Consulting can create custom solutions to meet your specific business requirements or you can integrate any of our "ready to plug in" solutions.

PlacoVU’s Approach Designed For You

When contracted for our services, PlacoVU Corporation immediately prepares to fiercely fight for our client’s relevancy on the web, participation in effective card programs and later, strengthen their in-house systems for greater awareness of day-to-day operations.

From day one, we’re built to do things a very different way. First, we started looking forward some 5 years ago trying to bridge different disciplines together under one backbone to begin solving our clients’ almost always greatest business challenges. It’s Big Business Data... and it’s a mammoth sized problem that seems to never go away!

At PlacoVU Solutions, we have opened up our floor plan by mobilizing are departments together strategically in working cells that can easily morph in size or quickly disintegrate and allow our moving parts to move on to other necessary tasks. We believe our freedom from the traditional software/web consulting firm for services model helps us create more impactful tools. It defines our culture, drives collaboration, and is what makes working with PlacoVu leave you with such a pleasant lasting impression. We truly our different and take great pride knowing it!

It’s true that numbers will not lie but they can mislead you. As with demographic data – it can seem extremely pointed, but -- it doesn’t always tell the whole story either. That’s why our solutions if used to tie all of the data loose ends together under a companywide data depository to not only allow you to be in better control of your data. It will also allow you to gain better insight in real time about your present and future business contracted going forward. We see our systems gathering your organization valuable insights, furthering your revenue streams, removing disparate data issues and strengthening your overall brand relevancy and placement by optimizing your data for third party purposes. On the web and through an enhanced data pipe and backbone we will discover what really drives consumer purchases and how we can fine tune it for your most favorable results.

It’s true... we’re definitely geeky. We love building and talking with our clients about emerging technologies, apps, APIs and platforms that could enhance the work efficiencies and financial performance of our clients. We’re here to help bridge the gap between the top of the Big Box Retailers and pretty much all others competing to sell their products and services in the worldwide marketplace. We’ve positioned ourselves to intersect where emerging technology is required to assist company leaders to reach out to their retailers, consumers, business departments, the brands, and the media. We’re responsible for building leading edge technologies that will move people closer to action, consumers and/or client’s work force.

It’s our philosophy that in order to cut through the clutter and make the largest impact that we can marketing initiatives and technology should be in perfect alignment. Cross-pollination requires great discipline and determination. It will lead to vibrant ideas, thought provoking plans, flawless execution and better overall results. And in the end, it will embody significant freedom for the company and staff growth/experience.

Let us help you!

PlacoVU’s team believes that the future of online and mobile shopping will be localized. The key to winning that future is to maximize the value inherent in existing product data (i.e., inventory) by standardizing it and integrating it with online marketing.

PlacoVU adds value to your existing inventory management system by transforming this product data into a standard repository that can be leveraged for improved marketing efforts. A well-organized product data set provides a competitive edge for turning online shoppers into local shoppers:

  • Credit Card Reward Redemption - Allow major credit card holders the instant gratification of browsing and purchasing products directly with reward points for in-store pickup, without having to deal with gift cards or shipping delays.
  • Localized Marketing Efforts – Supplying data to search engines (e.g., Google, Bing) that will attract product-specific searches from nearby potential customers, allowing them to purchase in-stock products and pick them up from local stores.
  • Online Storefronts – Expand online presence by posting data to online store fronts on places like eBay, Amazon, and social media sites.

Our team has been providing solutions similar to these for some time. We have been creating our enterprise solution called SpringBoard Data Solutions. It allows Large to Midsize companies to compete with giant retailers, like, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Amazon on a more equal terrain. 

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Preparing for your success, we provide truly prominent IT solutions.


As a distributor client that specializes in the Warm Water and Cold Water Fishing Industry that carries about 40,000+ products in total with the leading brands that make up this growing industry.


H & H Archery Supply is a very successful distributor in the Archery business and serves a wonderful group of Archery Dealers. We provide many of their clients with online storefronts in support of their brick-n-mortar locations.


This client has been with us for 7 years and we just completed their "brand new” responsive online retail store. There a dealer of one of our Distributor Network clients and been in existence since the 1970’s. They carry over 40,000 fishing and hunting products and have a brick-n-mortar retail store.


This client has been with us for 8 years and we just completed a "brand new” responsive online retail store for them. There a tremendously successful Archery dealer and they benefit from our Distributor Dealer Network solution. They operate over 8 websites with some very niche oriented product specific solutions


When we first began providing web solutions to Brace he was operating a team of three (3) people and he has grown his team to sixteen (16) staff. They deliver exceptional service and the new website and brand we created truly matches their goals they have set for themselves in the future.

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